About us

We are third and fourth generation Australian Silky Terrier breeders, owners and some showing.

From Liz memories: ” As a child I had fond memories of my Grandmother’s Silky Terriers running around the farm and the excitement of a litter of puppies being born. The loving nature of these dogs is something that will always will stay with me.”

This website was created to show that we are not a puppy factory. Our puppies are born in the family kitchen and reared in our laundry and garden. We have the occasional litter and breed purely for the sake of improving and promoting the breed. We always use the best Stud dogs available in Australia for breeding.

The puppies experience human love from an early age and as a result are happy and friendly with people and children even before they go to the new home. We strongly believe that this makes a huge difference from a puppy bought in a pet shop and the difference remains for the life of the dog.

We feed our dogs natural and raw foods when possible and believe this is the best diet for dogs and puppies to thrive.

We are members of Dogs Victoria. Membership number: 3100039413.


We are really proud of our dogs. One of our puppies, Bonnie Frolix Lofty Dreamer won the First Prize Open Show 2016 as Best Puppy Minor Toy Dog Club of Victoria.


Our young Breeders and our beloved animals in the papers.