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We have the occasional litter of pedigreed Australian Silky Terriers and always looking for the best of homes for the puppies.

The Australian Silky Terriers

Known as one of the most loving of the dogs breeds, Australian Silky Terriers are beautiful, intelligent and very loyal. They are keen watch-dogs, rodent hunters and they make excellent family pets. The Australian Silky Terriers are a hardy, non shedding breed of dog. They are worth their weight in gold when it comes to loyalty and affection

The breed originated in the early days of the Australian Colony. Their ancestral Terriers arrived as precious cargo with the early settlers on the ships coming out from England. Their job was to hunt the rodents on the ships first and on the farms afterwards.

In the early days of Australia, when the country was populated by hardened convicts the little Terriers were loyal farm companions for the owners whose families were on the other side of the world.